We are experts in advising, auditing and consulting in accounting, tax, labor and social security.

We are Attend Assessoria, Consultoria e Auditoria S/S., a company established in May 1988 that offers services to agents operating out of several domestic and international market segments. We prioritize advice and excellence in our customers' tax planning, because we have identified this as a strategic, vital tool to help our customers make better decisions. The result of this work has been the reduction of the tax burden with the appropriate tax/accounting security.

We offer consulting services to companies operating out of several Brazilian and international market segments, such as airlines, insurers, re-insurers, restaurant networks, trading companies, industries, trade, publishers, regulated professional societies (attorneys, physicians, engineers, etc.) travel and advertising agencies, construction companies, developers, holding companies, industries, third sector and small companies, among others. This allows us to respond to issues related to the particularities of several activities in these areas.

We emphasize tax planning because we recognize its importance to companies and their managers, minimizing, therefore, the tax burden with the proper tax/accounting security.

We have highly qualified teams in their respective areas which get continuous training, especially through courses, seminars and lectures. Thus, our accounting organization has specialists in Accounting, Human Resources / Personnel Management, Accounting, Legalization / Paralegal Department, Fiscal / Tax, Legal, and even in Audit and Inspection.

Our customers get fully customized treatment, with a relationship marked by very close partnerships, regular meetings and fine-tuned communications, all of which facilitate making decisions related to tax, accounting and administrative strategies, always in pursuit of excellence in our services.

We have a direct collaboration with Rodrigues & Paiva Advogados Associados (, headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil's main financial and business center. Incorporated in May 2004, from the onset we already envisioned a modern firm specializing on the corporate universe and able to provide quick, effective solutions for our customers' needs in view of the innovations that have been implemented to speed up and make the business environment in our country reliable in these areas of performance:

We emphasize the One Stop Shop concept because we believe that by offering full corporate legal advice, combined with support in any consulting, advice, accounting and auditing, we have specialized and are able to meet the needs of our customers in a practical, dynamic, and objective manner.


To be an industry benchmark and model of excellence in service delivery, as well as in the consolidation of lasting, reliable partnerships with our employees, customers, and suppliers.

To be recognized for our expert and preventative advice, as well as for our technological skills and constant search for innovation in order to stay ahead of new market scenarios, to help customers strategically in the best and safest decision making.


To contribute to our clients' development, providing them tax safeguards, and administrative and legal tools.Missão e Valores

To ensure compliance with and performance of the tax, fiscal, labor, social security, legal and commercial legislation, in addition to other legislation related to our areas.

To collaborate in the implementation and expansion of new enterprises.

To provide unrivalled consultancy and advisory services, valuing each client's individual requirements.

To play a part in the professional and personal development of our collaborators, so that they can offer ethical, innovative and democratic solutions, which can overcome any obstacles they come across.

To provide our clients the means to make their social contribution, mainly through the payment of taxes, contributions, fees, etc.

To strike up associations with professional associations working in our area of operation, in order to collaborate in the development of the sector as a whole

Continual technological recycling.


Attend's identity is the outcome of its practical experience with these guiding values, which govern and consolidate our history. See our values:


Work with Us

Our office has a convention with professional associations (SESCON and CRC) and with several educational establishments in the city of São Paulo. We will be delighted to add you to our Intellectual Capital, assisting and unifying your academic knowledge to the practical reality of the tax/accounting sector.
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