Attend keeps a daring, integrated
and secure technology.
We have partners that allows us to develop highly complex reports, national and international, in any format (html, txt, xls, etc.) ideal for implementing interfaces with other software.

One of our partners in the technology sector is Wolters Kluwer Prosoft, which was founded in 1839. Wolters Kluwer is a Dutch multinational operating in more than 40 countries providing services in the accounting, legal, tax, finance, audit and compliance sectors. In 2013, Prosoft became part of this large group, bringing its 30 years of experience in the supply of software to accounting companies in Brazil with it.

Wolters Kluwer’s worldwide leadership coupled with Prosoft’s know-how in integrated solutions covering all accounting companies’ areas, routines and processes in a strategic manner, provide our customers with the support that enables them to improve productivity and efficiency, minimize expenses, and take decisions with confidence.

The firewall provides the support that prevents hackers or malware (such as worms) gaining access to the computers through our Server or the Internet.

The illustration below shows how a firewall works.

So, just like a brick wall creates a physical barrier, a firewall creates a barrier between the Internet and the computer
XML File
We use the advanced Inobox tool to manage XML documents we receive from and send to our customers.

Inobox is a company specializing in developing business solutions that add value to organizations, always with a focus on innovation and service quality.

Thus, we are able to digitally read and process all of our customers' electronic invoices quickly, efficiently and safely.
Digital Auditing
Through the ATEF (Federal Electronic Tax Audit), an advanced digital system that checks for possible inconsistencies in tax return filling: DIPJ, DCTF, DACON, PER/DCOMP and DIRF, we are able to perform several crossings in the many forms of taxation in order to identify discrepancies among the statements analyzed, according to the federal tax system, of one or more statements regarding the CNPJ under review and can thus issue warnings concerning potential discrepancies between the amounts our customers report.

We significantly reduced the risk of the erroneous completion of tax documents and of misinterpretation of the federal tax law and can assist our customers in minimizing the risk of assessments by the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service.
Backup Online Cloud
Every day, at predetermined times, all the information stored on our server is backed up using Best Backup. This is to ensure that all our customers’ data and information are kept safe.

This tool enables us to guarantee:

* 100% automatic, online backup;
* High technology for accelerating data transmission
* Rapid file recovery via simples clicks
* Total security, because the data is encrypted
Digital Storage
We use the Safe-Doc solution, since in segments where information security is required and monitored by government agencies, we were careful to hire, by means of our partner Digital Access/Safe-Doc, the TIVIT data center (a company belonging to the Votorantim Group), which is not only regarded as level 5 on the security scale, but also as the best and most reliable in its area.

• Tivit: one of the largest data centers in Latin America
• Efficient provisioning in different plants (SP and RJ)
• Structure with a level 5 of security
• 99.99% availability assurance for access to information
• 23 Internet operators, which are replaced one by one if there is a transmission network issue

Safe-Doc currently stores information and processes the operations of major companies, such as Visa Net, the São Paulo Stock Exchange, and Serasa, among others.

Thus, we are able to store our customers' information with high levels of security and reliability. The following are a few Safe-Doc features:

• The solution's usage base is on the Internet, so documents can be accessed anytime, anywhere;
• Use can be either departmental (centralized) or distributed (decentralized in stores, branches, etc.);
• The system enables the management of scanned and electronic documents (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.);
• The integration with a PDF printer substitutes printing and filing of paper documents for electronic documentation storage;
• Integration with all types of scanners and multifunctional printers;
• Enables the issuing of reports for document audits (Example: Documentation missing in an employee's records).
Customized Reports
We have partners that enable us to develop highly complex Brazilian or international reports, in any format (html, txt, xls, etc.) which are ideal for interfacing with other software.