Awards and Certifications

Over the years, our work was honored with honorable awards and certificates, which we highlight the following:

ABNT NBR ISO 9001 – International Quality Certificate

As of 2015, Attend has been awarded the ABNT NBR ISO 9001 International Quality Certificate by the Brazilian Association for Technical Standards (ABNT) Certifying Body. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an organization that was founded in Geneva in 1947, and operates nowadays in 162 countries. Its role is to standardize products and services so that their quality is permanently being improved. We regard this certificate as another milestone in the life of our office, because to get ABNT accreditation, all the areas that involve services offered to our customers needed to go through several audit, adaptation and improvement processes. We believe that this ISO 9001 Certificate makes us more qualified to provide a better quality, more efficient, safer service.
Sescon and Aescon Quality Program for Accounting Companies (PQEC Seal)

Sescon and Aescon, which were founded in 1949, are well-known institutions in the accountancy field. Ever since 2008, these institutions have awarded us the PQEC Seal, which aims to recognize and value accounting companies that are committed to quality, ethics and excellence. At the present time, under 1% of Brazilian accounting organizations have this quality seal.

The Institute of Cultural and Social Development - accredited by the Ministry of Culture, gave us the recognized "Qualidade Brasil" award, for being the best company in the accounting sector in general on account of the excellence of the products and services provided.
"Top Of Mind BRAZIL 2005/2006" Award

In 2006, INBRAP – the Brazilian Public Opinion Research Institute, an internationally renowned modern market research institute, honored us with the "Top Of Mind 2005" trophy, awarded to the stand-out company in the general accounting and auditing services segment, for the excellent quality of the products and services supplied.
"TOP OF QUALITY 2004" Award

The Brazilian Parliamentary Order (Ordem dos Parlamentares do Brasil - O.P.B), a federal nonprofit institution founded in 1976, awarded us the "Top Of Quality 2004" award, for being the best company in the accounting sector in general.

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